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Introducing the Host

Our latest army to join the battle for the new world. These unliving husks are born of death itself, reanimating deceased cells and dominating their pretrified forms they twist and form into monsters of nightmare.

The Corpse Crab

A creature born from the cadavers that litter the battlefields.

The Mawgoyle

Mounds of dismembered bodies form these lurching creatures.

The Megalysk

A mountain of flesh and bone, the remains of a giant creature reduced to a unliving carcass.

How it Plays

Sythopian Wars has been designed from the ground up by gamers. It's flowing gameplay removes the sit down and wait for your opponent aspect of popular wargames and puts you in control of a system that allows you to act  and react to your opponent. As play darts back and forth, identifying tactics, weakened units and planning out your next move weaves into this brutal game where the dice will not save you, your actions will.

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